New York: Headache and a monk bowl

Yay it's Thursday and Im too hungry to cook anything for lunch. yes typical me.  A day in front of the computer where I already have a headache but I still continue to pick the key board with a slanted body posture.  I wonder if the headache is due to my not so perfect body posture - or the lack of nutrition?  well probably both at least my stomach is starting to hurt now.  Oh how wonderful.  

What do I feel like eating?,...   I wish somebody else could just choose for me, makes the headache worse contemplating the options.  Now it would be quite nice to be at an office with a Canteen.  Even though I'm not so fond of Canteens in general.  never mind - bad idea. 

I'll just gotta get out for some fresh air, that's a start! and I hope the right food choice will follow.


I ended up at Stonefruit - Espresso Bar & Kitchen, oh yes after first walking in circles around the block - and I ordered a seasonal Monk Bowl with added avocado.   so yummy! 

It's a farm-to-table conscious cafe in my neighborhood Clinton Hill.  And it's just always nice to pick the spots that promotes and supports seasonal produce and organic farming practices so I'm always super happy with their food,  and it's reasonably prized.   Also  I'm so thrilled they are one of the few cafes that import Oatly from Sweden,  which is by far the best non-diary barista milk, so of course I had a little coconut desert with my oat milk Cappuccino.

Cheers to hopefully a headache-free afternoon !


Stonefruit Espresso bar and Kitchen
1058 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn