Call me by your name

I'm in awe! I hope they get best picture at the Oscars,  absolutely my favorite of the nominees!

The story is subtle and simple yet extremely gripping and its just pierces through you and hits you right into the heart with its honest portrayal of love.   

My husband and I went to Alamo for dinner and a movie and "Call me by your name" was our pick this evening. I  didn't know anything about the film.  

I ordered Thin crust Pizza and a ginger ale, yes Alamo Draft house is the best Cinema!  Dinner, drinks and snack at your service,  my favorite cinema in the city.   You just sit back and relax and the food and drinks are brought to you quietly without disturbing the movie.  And before I knew it the movie just swept me away, I had know idea what journey this movie was gonna take me on. But what a pleasant surprise.   

I highly recommend it!  Its a must see for everyone!


Here's a glimpse at the Alamo interior and the pizza I had.  Not that it's at all related to the movie..  but at least it doesn't harm the film that the cinema is way better than the average theater.  Definitely my Brooklyn favorite.