New York: The best lasagna!

The Finch is right around the corner from where I live and this restaurant is so neat and yummy! 

It's a seasonal American restaurant that has a well deserved Michelin Star.   The service, mouth watering menu - all made exquisitely from seasonal produce - and fabulous cocktails make it a perfect go to for a luxurious and romantic date night.    You will not be disappointed.   I know where I'm going for Valentine's Day dinner.  

My absolute favorite is their Swiss Chard Lasagna!  It's just too good, the best lasagna I've had, and I've had many since vegetarian lasagna is one of my favorite plates of all times!  so maybe the only downside is since I love their lasagna so much I never try anything else.   No it's not a downside its just too good to be true! 



212 Greene Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Clinton Hill