New York: Blind Barber

This speak easy is fun and authentic.  Do not make the mistake and go on a weekend!   it's madness during weekends and just not worth it.  It screws up the experience having to wait in line and have to breathe down other peoples neck to get a drink at the bar.  So no weekends!  Its a fantastic spot and a must see on weekdays.  Then the crowd is pleasant and the bar is in it's right atmosphere. 

In order to find the place you must search for a barber shop and go through the back door to find this fantastic speak - easy! You'll love the drinks and the vibe.  All their cocktails, yes I've tried many, whether shaken, stirred or on ice they're always impeccable and then the music is too damn good,  a grounding groove that you can expect to be dancing to after your second drink.


Blind Barber
339 E. 10th Street
New York, NY 10009